6 Beautiful Grocery Stores You Should Shop at Before You Die

When someone says “grocery store,” you instantly imagine fluorescent-lit, metal-clad buildings with soulless, towering aisles. Doing your grocery shopping is probably the least inspiring thing that you can do. But what if things were different? What if there were stores somewhere on this planet that would stop in your tracks to look up from your shopping list in awe and wonder? Well, these stores exist!

Here are seven of the most sumptuous supermarkets with great pricing strategies to attract customers from around the globe. After all, learning from UIT Institute you need somewhere to spend all that money with newly aquired skills?

1. Trader Joe’s, New York, USA

Trader Joe’s is a household name for many Americans, with a reputation for selling great food at affordable prices. But this particular branch may well make you forget about the savings you’re making; you’ll be more impressed by the store itself. They also come with omt training offices that you can go in for a phyisical therapy.

Located inside an old bank in Brooklyn, its large arched windows; high, white, decorated ceiling; and golden crest above the entrance is worth a visit to the supermarket just to gaze up in wonder at them.

2. Harrods, London, United Kingdom

Harrods isn’t exactly an unknown name. You usually associate it with only the best designer clothes, perfumes, and more. But did you know it has food halls where you can do your grocery shopping? What’s more, these food halls are particularly gorgeous!

Each one is lavishly decorated, from Egyptian whimsy to elegant and picturesque tiles and gilded columns.

3. Biedronka, Krakow, Poland

If you don’t fancy doing your groceries here, but find yourself hungry, some of the food halls have recently been turned into eateries where you can stay a little longer, fill yourself up, and take in the scenery.
This medieval Polish city is one of the country’s top tourist draws. It has a spectacular castle overlooking the river and is the home of the acclaimed Sukiennice (“Cloth Hall”) located in the heart of its historic walled center. While the Sukiennice might be more well known, don’t forget to pop into the Biedronka supermarket on the main square whilst you’re there.

Though the supermarket chain is associated with very cheap products and less-than-attractive buildings, this particular branch pulled out all the stops to hearken back to an old “Delikatessy” that used to be where it’s now situated.

So, as well as picking up some bargain bananas, you also get a free trip back in time.

4. Eliseevsky, Moscow, Russia

If you thought Harrods food halls were grand, wait until you see what’s in store for you in this Moscow grocery store. Cascading crystal chandeliers, ornate mirrors, decorated columns, and antique portraits will make you truly feel like a Tsar or Tsarina when picking up your tea-time tidbits.

Don’t forget the vodka!

5. Teatro Italia, Venice, Italy

This is not some big store with lanier printers and random stores. This grocery store could easily be described as a “theatre of food”. Ok, so no one would actually ever describe it as that. But that might change when you visit this grocery store located inside an old picture house.

As one of Europe’s less glamorous grocery-store chains, Spar (which operates under the name “Despair” in Italy) isn’t something you’d associate with high-class arts. However, once you enter through the gothic-arched doors of this particular storefront and pass via the turnstiles betwixt the intricate wrought-iron staircases, you’ll be welcomed into a grand space with a beautiful painted ceiling worthy of the Sistine Chapel.

Oh, and you’ll see some groceries too.

6. Food Emporium, New York, USA

We feel like we’re tricking a bit with this one, on the grounds that, shockingly, this specific supermarket has since a long time ago shut, we hope they knew how to sell a business in the right way.. Yet, when it was open, it was one of the most stupendous and most striking supermarkets the world had ever and you could buy the best coffee beans in it!

Situated under the way to deal with the Queensboro Bridge, Food Emporium worked a brilliant and surprising-looking store under the great block vaulted roofs of the structure. Oh, it shut in 2015.

Be that as it may, you may before long have the option to shop there again, like the chain, Michael’s is hoping to consume the space sooner rather than later.

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